Stay a step ahead of attackers...

WPattack is the best defense

Our cybersecurity professionals will try to hack your Wordpress website without making any actual damage.

Find out if

  • your website is vulnerable
  • your Wordpress or server configuration is secure
  • your secret website files are exposed
  • your passwords are leaked
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External attack simulation

Vulnerability assessment of your website. Real world attack simulation.

Hosting & Email Security

Vulnerability assessment of your hosting, server and email configuration.

Confidential Data Exposure

Advanced OSINT assessment for exposure of your confidential files.

Basically, a real world attack simulation which discovers all of your business risks online.

Make your website and your business protected.

We help you with:


Improved website uptime.


Free of security issues.


Confidential data protected.

How it works

1. Place an order. We'll contact you to get the paperwork done.

2. We'll perform the chosen assessment.

3. We'll deliver you the full report of the assessment.

"Attack is the secret of defense;" - Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Choose Your Attack Simulation

Please read Terms and Conditions before you place an order. All plans include one website.

$597One Time

Website Plan

  • Website external attack simulation
  • Confidential data leak assessment
  • PDF report with findings and recommended fixes
  • Report delivered within 72 hours
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$697One Time

Complete Plan

  • ALL from WEBSITE plan plus
  • Hosting vulnerability assessment
  • Email configuration exploitation
  • Website brute-force password attack
  • Report delivered within 48 hours
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$1497One Time

Premium Plan

  • ALL from COMPLETE plan plus
  • 30 minute call with one of our experts
  • Personalized security advice in PDF after the call
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Basic Terms and Conditions

1. You must be the owner of the system or have explicit permission to have a third party security assessment performed against the target system.

2. If the system is a managed service or shared web hosting you must notify and have permission from the provider of the managed service. A working backup of the target system is strongly recommended.

3. Provided report needs to contain validated (manually confirmed) results and recommended remediation.

A detailed Terms and Conditions document is shared, ageed and signed after the order is placed.

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